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The UAJBA program is a competitive travel baseball club comprised of UA residents that plays games and tournaments against other travel teams in Central Ohio and beyond. Age groups in 2022 will range from 7U to 15U (see charts below.)  At the younger ages, teams generally will play 30-35 games per season (40-45 games at the older ages) which includes a handful of weekend tournaments. Our goal as a program is to help players improve their baseball abilities while maintaining a positive and fun atmosphere. The regular season generally runs from early April to early July.

What Age Group Is My Player?

We use date of birth and school grade to determine the age group in which your player should be playing. Most of you on the charts below will show a match, e.g. a player born in July of 2009 and going into the 6th grade for the 2021-22 school year is 12U based on his date of birth and his school grade. However, some of you may see a discrepancy, e.g. that same player born in July of 2009 but going into the 7th grade in 2021-22 is 12U based on date of birth but 13U based on school grade. In this instance, we recommend that this player try out for the older age group (13U) in order to stay with his classmates.

So, as a general rule, if reading the charts below results in two different suggested age groups, your player should attend the tryout of the older age group.

Age Chart

Born between: Your Age Group is:
5/1/2004 and 4/30/2005 17U
5/1/2005 and 4/30/2006 16U
5/1/2006 and 4/30/2007 15U
5/1/2007 and 4/30/2008 14U
5/1/2008 and 4/30/2009 13U
5/1/2009 and 4/30/2010 12U
5/1/2010 and 4/30/2011 11U
5/1/2011 and 4/30/2012 10U
5/1/2012 and 4/30/2013 9U
5/1/2013 and 4/30/2014 8U
5/1/2014 and after 7U

School Grade Chart

Grade in 2021-22: Your Age Group is:
11th Grade 17U
10th Grade 16U
9th Grade 15U
8th Grade 14U
7th Grade 13U
6th Grade 12U
5th Grade 11U
4th Grade 10U
3rd Grade 9U
2nd Grade 8U
1st Grade 7U